Oval Mount Ring with Willow Basket & Sign Clip

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SKU: BR1509N-B

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Here at Mobile Merchandisers and we believe our willow basket displays, with their wire and tube steel frames, provide strength and reliability while the willow baskets bring warmth and beauty. Combined they create a harmonious display of quality and appeal.

Mobile Merchandisers has a large variety of willow basket displays made to best display your product whether it is for a restaurant, supermarket or retail store. The popularity among these willow basket displays has compounded over the years making them our top-selling items.

Below are some suggestions from us here at Mobile Merchandisers

  • Oval willow Basket Displays can be placed in the deli section with pita chips, crackers or bakery items to be paired with selected meats and cheeses or in the floral section with stuffed animals for gifts to go along with flowers for special occasions. These are great examples of cross-merchandising.
  • Round and Oval Willow Basket Displays can be great for holidays. For example, fill the basket with colorful Easter or Valentines Day themed stuffed animals at the checkout stand. For Christmas place specialty Christmas ornaments and gifts to add color to your store and show off selected items at the same time.