GX - Gondola System

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C-Store Gondola Run
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Colors Available:


Our GX Gondola System is the next evolution of gondolas. 

You can keep pace with the fast rate of new product introductions and merchandising changes without switching out all your fixtures. Our complete modular design allows for multiple modifications without re-buying an entire run! This is the best gondola system for your retail store regardless of footprint. 

First, pick your back panel: Pegboard, Wire Grid, Slatwall or Solid

Then pick your stock accessories:

  • Wire Shelves
  • Sheet Metal Shelves
  • Grid Hooks
  • Pricing Hooks

Last, add-in your custom options:

  • Aisle Interrupter segments
  • Wood Dividers and Signage
  • Colored Top Caps
  • Height extension segments
  • Casters
  • Willow Basket Accessories
  • Custom Colors

GX Gondola is a game changer! Call us for a quote.