5-Shelf Adjustable End Cap

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SKU: EC3652A-3/4


52"H End cap includes wireframe with (5) SAS3212 adjustable shelves

End caps, also known as MVE's or Multi-vendor end caps, are very unique display fixtures. In their essence, they provide a two-fold purpose: they display items and they help to sell products. It's like bundling your marketing and sales efforts into one experience - visually they capture your attention, and functionally they help convert browsers into buyers.

Typically end caps are broken up into three vertical sections with distinct sales and display roles. The top section of your end cap is prime real estate for signage and messaging. The core is for showcasing your featured product and encourage user interaction. And the bottom is for holding additional stock.

Here at Mobile Merchandisers, we would like to recommend some of our ideas for use of your display:

  • Place a soda special on the end cap in the potato chip aisle
  • Switch it up! Potato chips on the end cap in the soda aisle
  • Gift Cards on the end cap in the stationery aisle

Colors Available: Black
Shelf Dimensions: 32"W x 12"D
Overall Dimensions: 55 1/4"H x 35"W x 13"D