Adjustable Cooler Mount Basket

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Colors Available:
Basket Dimension:
25"W x 4 1/4"H x 11"D
Overall Dimensions:
25"W x 11 1/4"H x 16 1/2"D


This adjustable cooler display creates additional merchandising space to upright and coffin coolers. It hangs from the front lip of the coolers which will help you maximize your under-utilized space in front of your coolers.  Use this display to conveniently locate ambient items near their complimentary refrigerated items to trigger impulse sales.

Mobile Merchandisers would like to provide you with some ideas:

  • Add our cooler display filled with salty snacks to the front of your beer cooler.
  • Place granola or fruit bars in front of protein drinks or kombucha
  • Have hamburger and hot dog buns in front of packaged meats cooler
  • Position salsa or tortillas in front of cheese blocks

For over 40 years our internal design team has been working with our sales team and their customers to create aesthetically pleasing displays that not only meet their needs but are high quality, cost-efficient, and focus on maximizing sales and profits.

We have a variety of materials at our disposal such as willow, wood, corrugate, tube steel, sheet metal, wire, and acrylic. We also have full graphic capabilities including wood branding, screen printing, decals, and full-color digital printing. Let Mobile Merchandisers outfit your store with new and innovative ideas.

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