Cardboard Baskets and Bins

*Locally sourced, recycled cardboard

*18 different stock colors available

*Print Graphics Available

*Available as 15" Round, 5.5" and 14" Square

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Colors Available:
18 Different Stock Colors


Cardboard is Perfect for Produce!

Our NEW cardboard baskets and bins are designed to fit into our classic K1430 and CR0620.
    • Locally sourced, recycled cardboard
    • 18 different stock colors available
    • Graphics are available
    • Available as 15" Round, 5.5" and 14" Square

Below are some suggestions for using our new cardboard displays at Mobile Merchandisers

  • Round Basket displays can be placed at the end of a fruit and vegetable aisle with apples and oranges. This will not only display the fruit you are selling but will add color to your aisle.
  • Large Square Displays can be placed in the deli section with pita chips, crackers or bakery items to be paired with selected meats and cheeses or in the floral section with stuffed animals for gifts to go along with flowers for special occasions. These are great examples of cross merchandising.
  • Small Square Counter Displays can be great for small produce. Fill with garlic, shallots and small fruit to add interest to an end cap.