Multi-Use Display Racks

Multi-use displays can be used for a variety of products in any location.They can help you utilize the space by your checkout counters by helping encourage your customers to make one last purchase. Our dump bins provide an excellent opportunity to merchandise bulk, impulse, close-out, and sale items. Our PowerGrids with available hooks and shelves effectively display gift cards, batteries, candy, and other pegged items.

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Tote Bag Holder

Item # WT1258-MB

$74.12 $45.00
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68"H Bakery Rack with Sign Frame

Item # B3060-CH2608ST-B

Multi-Use Dump Bin

Item # CB3647-B

63"H Mobile Z-Rack

Item # ZR2462

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Mobile Stocker Special Offer

Item # MSS1870-1BSKT-1SHV-SH

$363.93 $250.00