Custom Displays

We are driven by the constant desire to bring our customers innovative ideas. Value engineering and an ever changing market environment continually push our designs to the next level. Our new items section allows us to showcase our latest projects.


Custom displays shown above: 

  • Photos #1 and #3 are part of our Adjustable Multi-use Rack series.  Item no. FS1600A series.
  • Photo #2 is our latest wine rack.  Item no. WEC3866-mvk. 


Below are some of our new items added to our inventory.  

  Product Product code List Price  
30" 3 Shelf Counter or Floor Wire Display Rack

Item Number: B1130F-3

38" 3 Tier 3 Square Willow Basket Display Rack

Item Number: K1430/3B14

45" 5 Shelf Fold-Up Display Rack

Item Number: B2045F

58" 2 Tier Wire Sign Frame

Item Number: BH55

59" 4 Tier 4 Rectangular Willow Basket Display

Item Number: K2250/4-EB

63" 12 Vase 360 Floral Display Rack

Item Number: FC2363/12

9 Galvanized Bucket Display Rack

Item Number: FS3057

Coffee Urn Topper

Item Number: UT2011A

Tote Bag Holder

Item Number: WT1258-HAG

Wine Rack

Item Number: WEC3866

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